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Are the courses easy to use?

Yes. Our courses are presented in a user-friendly manner that should be easy for anyone to navigate. Each course provides a familiar interface combined with features that will ensure your training goes as smooth as possible.

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Are the courses up-to-date with the changes in the Law?

Yes, that is one of the major benefits of internet-based training. Unlike with CD-ROMs and printed material, our courses can be updated easily within a matter of minutes. This ensures that you get the most accurate up-to-date information available.

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Will I receive HR credit for passing any of your courses?

Yes. The following courses that we offer have been accepted by SHRM and will satisfy recertification credit for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

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What other credits may I obtain with your courses?

Our courses have been approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) for required post-license credit. For details on credits awarded for each course please visit our On-line Course Catalog.

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Is there a sample course available?

Yes. If you would like to take a sample course for a better understanding of how our course material is presented you can sign up for the free sample course HERE.

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How do I purchase an Internet Training Course?

Purchasing an Internet Training Course is Easy. Simply call 1-800-633-4775 to place your order. Once the purchase is complete, our customer service representative will provide you with a username and password to access the course if you do not already have them.

Purchases for multiple users may be eligible for group rates. Ask for more details.

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Can I track the progress of my employees?

Yes. Our Training Management System allows you to track your employees progress and course statistics. You can easily check to see if an employee has completed a course, has started a course, or if they haven't even signed in at all.

The Training Management System gives you control over your training. For more information about our Training Management System click here.

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I want to train a large workforce, but contacting RPLMRI every time I want to add a new user seems like a waste of time. Is there a solution?

Yes, there is a solution. If you want to train a large number of employees and want to handle the addition of users and course assignments, RPLMRI Training User Licenses are the answer. You can prepay for as many user that you anticipate will be involved in the training. With the Training Management System, as long as you have available user licenses, you have the ability to add users and assign users to courses when you see fit.

It is worth mentioning that when you purchase a multiple user licenses, you can receive a significant discount off our already low price.

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Are there any set-up fees?

There are no set-up fees for the internet training courses we offer to the public. However for companies or individuals who wish to have RPLMRI develop a customized course, an initial set-up fee will be involved.

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How can I customize my training and why would I want to?

For inquires about customizing an internet training course please contact our Training Director at (800)633-4775 or rpl@rplmri.com.

With a custom course you control the content and the look and feel of the course. If you want a course that reflects the views and vision of your company, a customized course is the answer.

For more information on benefits and options for customizing your training click here.

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