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Where can I find out what these terms mean?

There may be terms related to EEO or AA Compliance that you are unfamiliar with. A listing of terms and definitions can be found in the EEO / AA Resources section of our web site under definitions. If you do not find the definition you are looking for or need further explanation we provide a simple definition request form for you to fill out.

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How long do I have to keep my employment records?

The length of time in which you keep your employment records depends on the type of record it is.

2 years

Personnel or employment records relating to
  • All job applications, resumes, or other replies to job advertisements, and records pertaining to failure or refusal to hire.

  • Records of promotion, demotion, transfers, selection for training, layoff, recalls, or discharge.

  • Job orders

  • Physical examination results considered in connection with personnel actions.

  • Job advertisements and notices to the public or employees regarding openings, promotions, training programs, or opportunities for overtime work.

  • Employee benefits plans, written seniority systems, or merit rating systems (full period plan is in effect plus one year after its termination)

  • Wage rate tables

  • Work time schedules

  • Shipping and billing records

  • Records of additions to or deductions from wages paid and documentation of basis for payment of any wage differential to employees of opposite sex in the same establishment.

3 years

  • General records such as, basic employment and earning records.

  • Payroll and other records containing each employee’s name, address, date of birth, occupation, rate of pay and weekly earnings.

  • And individual contracts or collective bargaining agreements.

  • Sales and purchase records.

  • Certificates and notices of the Wage-Hour administrator.

  • ALL documents concerned with the preparation, administration, and results of a polygraph.

6 years

  • records containing all required plan descriptions, reports.

  • records that are necessary to certify information, such as vouchers, worksheets, receipts, and applicable resolutions.

As long as relevant

  • Records of each employee-participant in the plan for determinations of benefits that are due or might become due.

  • Certificates verifying the age of minors (until termination of the minor)

  • Written training agreements (period of training programs)

  • Personnel records relevant to any enforcement action brought against the employer.(until the final disposition of the action)

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