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Do you think the practices and policies presently operating in your company's HR department are flawless? Subjects discussed in our monthly newsletter may encourage you to rethink your answer when the same practices are compared with the experiences of others.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the changes in laws involving EEO and Affirmative Action. When there are no updates or changes to report, you will be provided with thought provoking discussion regarding EEO decisions you make on a daily basis. Become fully aware of positive influences that can make EEO an accepted element of your workplace.

Our newsletter covers issues such as:
  • Updates on changes in the laws involving EEO and Affirmative Action

  • Laws and regulations that are having the greatest impact on employment actions at this time

  • Changes in the way OFCCP audits are conducted

  • What AAP elements are being emphasized and remedies sought by the agency to correct problems discovered during an audit

  • Information on EEOC and OFCCP investigations, the problems they are finding and the corrective actions required of the employer

  • Identifying actions other companies have used to foster EEO and form a positive work environment

Why not develop flexibility for managing problems based on the experience of others? Gain the ability to recognize situations that indicate the beginnings of problems that can be corrected before they fester into something serious.

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