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From preparing your custom Affirmative Action Plan to providing your managers and supervisors with accurate EEO Training, RPLMRI can ensure your business complies with its Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action responsibilities.

Affirmative Action Plans
RPL Management Resources prepares Turnkey Affirmative Action Plans that are custom designed to reflect the individual characteristics of each company. We use realistic stats and arrive at reasonable goals so your company is sure to stay in compliance.

AAP Mock Audit
Do you have an AAP, but aren't sure if it will pass an Audit successfully? We have the knowledge and experience to take your AAP through the enitre audit process.

Conflict Resolution
Resolve employment problems at the earliest stages of conflict by means other than through litigation. Our highly skilled, trained mediators have the experience to provide professional support.

Risk Assessment Audit
The RPL Risk Assessment Audit is a review of all company employment policies and practices to determine the company's responsiveness to its EEO and Affirmative Action obligations. Our Risk Assessment Audit will find problem areas if they exist and provide appropriate actions to be taken.

Internet Training
Our courses include an accurate and thorough study of EEO laws and an abundant use of casework to demonstrate how the principles studied apply to actual workplace activities.

'Receive Continuing education credit for successful completion of these 'certificate courses.

Easily manage your employees progress and performance with our Training Mangement System

On-Site EEO Training
If Internet Training isn't quite what you're looking for we also provide On-Site EEO Training. This solid classroom-style managerial training session enables your employees to receive an accurate understanding of the law and how it impacts everyday workplace activities in an open group environment.
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