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The Mock Audits is a system of reviewing a company's affirmative action plan (AAP) and its impact on company policies and procedures to determine if they comply with the various EEO laws and regulations governing employment actions. The system audits all three affirmative action plans; ex Order 11246, and the Veterans & Disabled AAPS.

This service is designed to evaluate all employment actions, employment systems, and the policies that impact on them. This audit generally has three phases: a desk audit, on-site and off-site analyses. Each phase of the audit is a search for discrimination in any of its various forms. This audit is designed to review all employment actions from recruitment through the employee's termination and benefits that follow the employee into retirement.

Each employment action or policy is identified, and reviewed to determine if the company has:

  • Exposure, and if it does,

  • Define the exposure,

  • Determine if a control is in place,

  • Test the control to see if it is effective,

  • Suggest corrective action if required.

Since the affirmative action plan covers all EEO elements of employment, it becomes a tool to evaluate the employer's performance under Title VII of the CRA of 1964 & 1991 (as amended), The ADA and other laws order and guidelines issued by the government to protect employees from discrimination.

Employers use this audit for much the same purpose as the doctor who gives us our annual physical. It is designed to review the overall EEO health of our employment systems, determine if there are malodies in need of repair and, if there are, to assign remedies that correct problems before they metastasize into serious, costly systemic problems. It is a good idea to give your employment operations an annual physical. It can catch problems early enough to correct them and strengthen the company overall EEO health.
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