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Who is RPLMRI?

RPLMRI is a corporation headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma that specializes in writing �turnkey� affirmative action plans, conducting Internet and On-site Training covering the following subjects: Managing Diversity, Sexual Harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Discipline and Termination. The RPLMRI Internet Training courses are also available to companies for training their employees in company specific subjects. We investigate and resolve complaints of discrimination and conducts risk assessment audits. For a full listing of services RPLMRI provides Click Here.

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How can RPLMRI help me?

RPLMRI can assist employers in several ways:

  1. RPLMRI can prepare your �turnkey� affirmative action programs at a cost far less than most companies could complete the programs. We support our clients by attending audits of its affirmative action programs and reviewing the material sent to the OFCCP before it is submitted for audit to ensure it is responsive to the agency information requests. RPLMRI offers an hour of training on affirmative action for management to discuss what it is and how it must be carried out.
  2. RPLMRI's has an Internet training system with the capacity to train employees in EEO courses offered by RPLMRI or the system can be used to train personnel in any other subjects for which it would choose to use the system. RPLMRI presently offers training courses on Managing Diversity, Sexual Harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Discipline & Terminations. Other programs are presently under development.
  3. RPLMRI also has the capacity to offer Onsite EEO training to employers at their facilities or at a location convenient to their needs.
  4. RPLMRI investigates complaints of discrimination for employers using the same basic method used by EEOC in its conduct of investigations. The investigation will present the employer with the facts in the case and offer a resolution to problem. The investigation will also allow the company to make a determination as to whether to fight the case because the evidence finds in favor of the company or to settle it when the evidence reveals the company would lose the case. All investigations are done in confidence and prepared �eyes only� for the company attorney or other authority designated by the company.
  5. Risk assessment audits review company personnel action, policies, and procedures to determine if there are any systemic problems that could cause the company costly EEO problems. Like investigations, the review is thorough and prepared in confidentially with an �eyes only� report for the company attorney or other designated authority.

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Are RPLMRI services only for large industries?

RPLMRI works for companies regardless of size. A contractor can be as small as 50 employees to thousands. Once they are a covered contractor with 50 or more employees and $50,000.00 or more in contracts they are covered contractors and obligated to have written affirmative action plan for each of their facilities. With reference to our training programs, every company regardless of size should train their employees and especially supervisors and managers in EEO laws. Failure to train continues to be the major cause of EEO violations. Employers with 15 or more employees are covered under Title VII of the Civil rights Act of 1964.

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How can I find out more about RPL Management Resources?

To find out more about RPLMRI and its services you can call toll free (800)633-4775 or locally (918)280-1519. You can also get in touch with RPLMRI through our web site, simply by filling out the contact form. If you do not wish to contact us using either method, you can mail any questions or concerns to:

1216 East Kenosha St., #214
Broken Arrow, OK 74012-2007

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