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Internet Training Course Features

Our Internet Training Courses provide an easy-to-use, user-friendly learning experience. Below are some of the features included in our on-line courses.

  • Our EEO courses provide an accurate and thorough study of EEO laws.

  • An abundant use of casework throughout each course to demonstrate how the principles studied apply to actual workplace activities. A Case Work Library is available at the end of each course for extended learning and reference.

  • Continuously Updated Material to reflect changes and developments in the laws.

  • Interactive sessions which allows the users to participate in their learning experience.

  • Courses are self-paced.

  • The RPL Training Management System allows you to securely track the progress and stats of employee training at any given moment.

  • Secure Sign-in and Reporting.

  • Bookmark Feature that allows users to leave the training session and pick up right where they left off the next time they return. Additional bookmarks are available if users wish to mark different sections in the course for future reference.

  • A final test is administered at the end of each course to ensure that employees understood the material and can apply it to actual employment practices. If the user does not pass on the first attempt they are allowed to re-take the test until a passing grade is obtained.

  • Certificates of Completion are awarded to everyone who completes the courses successfully. This is proof of an employee’s successful completion of the training program.

  • Training will prove to be a major defense against punitive damages in the event of a charge of discrimination is filed against the company.

  • Courses are available to users 1 year after registration to be used as a reference.

  • Courses can be customized for your organization's needs.
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