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Provided below are forms to use when sending your Affirmative Action Data. For your convinience we have provided an explanation of each form and two formats available for download. Excel format and Zip format. If you have any comments or need assistance with the forms please contact us.

The time frame covered by these reports are that of the 12 months preceding the start date of the present AAP year. For example, if the start date for the AAP year were June 1, 2024, then the Data provided on these forms would include all the relevant information during June 1, 2023 through May 31, 2024 (the previous 12-month period). Please read the explanation provided for each form for the required data that goes along with each. If you need assistance with information to be provided on these forms please contact us.

The majority of our clients find it easiest to provide the AAP information to us using Microsoft Excel. If Excel format is not preferred by your organization contact us and we will discuss other options available for transferring the data to RPL. If you would like assistance in developing a system to maintain this information throughout the year, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

Forms for Affirmative Action Plan Preparation
Applicant Flow Log Explanation Excel Format Zip Format
Hires - Offers Log Explanation Excel Format Zip Format
Promotions Log Explanation Excel Format Zip Format
Terminations Log Explanation Excel Format Zip Format
Workforce Log Explanation Excel Format Zip Format
Complete Set of RPLMRI AAP Data Forms Excel Format Zip Format

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