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The purpose of this form is to record each hire or job offer made by the company during the reporting period being analyzed as part of the AAP preparation.   For purposes of responding to Executive order 11246, a job offer has the same value as a hire.  As required in the completion of all information requests needed for the preparation of an AAP, the minority and gender of the persons hired or offered jobs are vital pieces of information.  In preparing this data, each person hired or given a job offer is recorded individually.  If five people are hired or given job offers for the same job title, each of them are identified individually including salary data, race, etc.

    Please include the following information:
  • The date the person was hired or the job offer was made.
  • Check the appropriate column indicating a hire or a rejected offer.
  • The name of the person who was hired or who was given a job offer.
  • Identify the specific job title for which the candidate was hired or offered a position.
  • Identify the job group (if known) or EEO-1 category to which the job title belongs.
  • Identify the person's race and gender.
  • Check the column marked "D" if the person is recognized to be disabled.
  • Check the column marked "V" if this person is veteran of the Armed Forces.
Forms for Affirmative Action Plan Preparation
Hires-Offers Log
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Make sure that all the names listed on this log are also found on the Applicant Flow Log.

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