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Every federal contractor must keep an Applicant Flow Log that records all the information required by the regulations for conducting an adverse impact analysis. This form is used to determine what positions were open during a reporting period, who applied for them, and who was hired to fill the position.

Anyone whose job qualifications are reviewed to make a go/no go decision is considered an applicant. Each applicant who meets the preceeding qualifications must be included on the Applicant Flow Log including the data referencing race, sex, veteran status, etc.  Since the contractor must collect this information, it has the right to request the data of all applicants while informing the data is not used in decision making.  RPLMRI has a form that meets these regulatory demands and can be made available to you.

The form used should allow the capture of all the information required for completion of the Applicant Flow Log.  Federal regulations require ALL the following pieces of information be to be kept in a log:

  • the date application was received,
  • the name of the applicant,
  • the position applied for,
  • the job group of that position or its EEO code,
  • the race and sex of the applicant,
  • the veterans status of the applicant,
  • whether the applicant was selected or rejected, and
  • if the applicant was selected, the date of hire, or
  • if the applicant was not selected, the reason for non-selection.
Forms for Affirmative Action Plan Preparation
Applicant Flow Log
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All applications received in response to advertising for candidates to fill jobs must be retained for two years.  This includes both those hired and those not selected.

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