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All terminations that take place during the reporting year must be recorded. This includes both terminations for cause as well as voluntary terminations. However, the main interest of the enforcement agencies centers on terminations for cause. Although all the information contained on this form is important, of greatest importance is to identify the reason why the person was terminated. This will play a great roll in an audit when the agency tries to determine whether protected groups members are terminated for lesser reasons than non-protected persons are.

For each individual terminated in your company during the reporting period please list:

  • Actual termination date.
  • Name of the employee terminated.
  • Identify the job group or EEO code of the personís job title.
  • Job title at the time the person was terminated.
  • The race and gender of terminated employee.
  • Place a check in the column marked "D" if the person is disabled.
  • Place a check in the column marked "V" if the person is a veteran.
  • Put a "Y" if the termination was voluntary, put a "N" if it was for cause (not voluntary) in the VOL Y/N column.
  • The specific reason for the termination. (E.g. accept job elsewhere, moved, insubordination, excessive absenteeism, etc.)
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Terminations Log
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Be sure that the reason for termination listed here is the same as that identified in the records of termination. Review each planned termination before the action takes place to make sure that all steps in the company termination procedures have been taken completely before a termination for cause takes place.

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