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Issue #10
I-9 Forms
I-9 forms are taking on a whole new importance with the massive move of illegals crossing our borders. Regardless of the debate taking place in Washington and the media, we know the burden for closing our borders will eventually end up being the task of employers. For the most part, illegals come here to find work. So the government will look to employers to ensure that illegals are not hired, forcing them to return to their native counties. To ensure cooperation with such a plan the penalties for violation will be really stiff. Just a word of caution – check your I-9 to make sure they are completed properly and maintained as required by law.

Some basics on completing the I-9 form:
  1. All employees hired after November 6, 1986 must complete the I-9 form
    Records must be retained by the employer as follows:
    1. Three years after the date of hire; or
    2. One year after the date employment is terminated, whichever is later

  2. The I-9 Form has two sections:
    1. Employee information and verification section that asks for employee’s name, address, Social Security #, etc. Employee must sign and date this document.
    2. Employer Review and Verification Section in which the employer has to verify document used to identify the employee. The Employer must sign and date this information section. There are three list of documents employees can offer.

      List A- Establishes Identity and Employment Eligibility

      Any one document listed in List A, such as a passport will suffice to meet this obligation.

      List B& C uses two documents to establish identity and work eligibility.

      List B establishes identity with documents like a state driver’s license, or U.S. Military Card.

      List C establishes employment eligibility such as an original social card or birth certificate issued by state of county authority.
Penalties for failure to comply is already expensive and it appears they will even become more serious. E.g. Sanctions were placed against one company for 117 counts of concealing, harboring, and shielding illegal aliens from detention. The corporate and four officers each faced fines of $5 million and a total of 653 years in prison for knowingly using false S.S. numbers for unauthorized aliens in quarterly wage reports. It is imperative that all employers review the way their I-9s are being managed.

We will discuss this law and other current EEO development at our spring conference. Conference dates will be set in the immediate future.

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