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Frequently Asked Questions:

Flash Plug-in
The Macromedia Flash Plug-in is needed to participate in the RPL Internet Training Programs.

Not sure if you have the Flash Plug-in?
If you can see the animation below you have the Flash Plug-in.

If you do not have the Flash Plug-in, you can get it free by clicking the link below.
Download the Flash Plug-in.

In order for the Internet Training Courses to work properly, you must have javascript enabled on your computer.

Do I have javascript enabled?  

In order for the RPL Internet Training Courses to function properly, you must have cookies enables on your computer.

Does my browser have client cookies enabled?   YES
Does my browser have session cookies enables?   YES

Pop-up Blocker Disabled
With all the pop-up ads cluttering the internet, most surfers have found a convenience in pop-up blocker software. If you have installed and are running pop-up blocker software, please turn off the pop-up blocker program before entering the Internet Training Courses. If you do not disable the your pop-up blocker software, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features the RPL Internet Training Courses have to offer.

Click here for a pop-up test

Frequently Asked Questions
I am having trouble signing in. What is wrong?
First make sure your browser meets all of the required elements listed in the requirements section above. If it does not, you must make the appropriate changes in order to proceed. If you need assistance or do not know how to meet the required specifications contact us and we will provide the needed support.

If you have met all the required specifications and are still having problems signing in, for the quickest response, send an email to explaining your situation.

How do I add a Training Administrator to my company?
Training administrators for you company can be added by existing company administrators through the Training Management System. If you do not have an existing company administrator to add the new administrator send a request to All company Administrators will have access to the Training Management System (TMS). The TMS allows you to view your company and employee information as well as view the progress of each employee for the courses he/she has been assigned.

What if I have to leave my desk or take a break and haven't finished the course?
This is where the course bookmark feature comes in handy. If you plan on leaving your desk or would simply like to take a break from the course it is recommended that you set a bookmark. Setting the book mark will save your current course position and you will be able to pick-up right where you left of the next time you sign in.

How long can I remain idle while taking a course before I am automatically logged off?
While taking a course, you can remain idle for up to 40 minutes before your session will close. If you suspect that you may be idle for longer than 40 minutes it is suggested that you set a bookmark to mark your current position. If you remain idle for longer than the time specified you will be prompted to sign back in to the training system.

Additional Contact Information
Contact Information
If you need additional assistance with the Internet Training Courses, please use our on-line support form or use the information below to contact our technical support team.

Call: 1(800) 633-4775

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