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Recognizing Methamphetamine Labs
Recognizing Methamphetamine Labs
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Table of Contents
Category: Internet Training
Training Type: Public Safety
Accredited Course
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Approved CourseOklahoma Real Estate Commission Approved "Required" Course
3 credit hours.
Course Details

A comprehensive review of telltale signs indicating the existence of a meth lab.

Understanding the specific dangers of clandestine labs

Signs of methamphetamine contamination

Specific actions to be taken when a meth lab is discovered.

Learning Objectives:
a.Understand what methamphetamine is and how and where it is manufactured.
b.Recognize containers associated with chemicals used to manufacture meth.
c.Recognize odors characteristic of chemicals used to make meth.
d.Be aware of the dangers meth poses to those who manufacture, use or otherwise come into contact with meth chemicals.
e.Know the appropriate steps to take when meth labs are discovered.

Methamphetamine Labs are a serious hazard. Know the signs of meth production and help prevent its manufacture in your area.

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