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ADA Public Accommodations
ADA Public Accommodations
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Table of Contents
Category: Internet Training
Training Type: EEO
Accredited Course
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Approved CourseOklahoma Real Estate Commission Approved "Required" EEO Course
5 credit hours.
Course Details

A Detailed Discussion of Title III - Public Accommodations


A detailed study of this very complex and costly EEO law as it pertains to Public Accommodations.

A clear explanation of what is a Public Accommodation and how it is covered by the law, what actions can be discriminatory, and the proactive responsibilites of the facility owners,realtors, etc.

Special attention is given to the understanding of "Full and Equal Enjoyment" as it is covered by the law.

Learning Objectives:
a.Know the 12 categories of a Place of Public Accommodation.
b.Learn how a Public Accommodation is covered by this law and who are the individuals protected by it.
c.Gain an understanding of what is discriminatory and prohibited by the ADA, in regards to Public Accommodations.
d.Know which disabling conditions are covered and those not covered by this law.
e.Understand when and the extent of a Public Accommodation's obligation to accommodate disabilities.
f.Be able to understand what auxiliary aids and services Public Accommodation's are required to furnish.

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